The Hunga Munga

  • Reusable blade clip
  • Cut diameter of 1 7/16″
  • Anti noise and vibration technology
  • Tip forward design for steep angled shots
  • Minimal blade exposure for wind planing reduction
  • CNC Precision machined made in the U.S.A. with comparable Target tip accuracy

Blade Clip Technology

The Hunga Munga is so accurate that once the bow is sighted in for a field point, the bow does not have to be re-sighted in for the Hunga Munga.

Mechanical broadhead battle test results

Hunga Munga takes #1 multiple times in Petersen’s Broadhead torture test against 12 of the biggest brand names in bowhunting!


Hunga Munga Intro

The Hemorrhage Test

Hunga Munga vs The Steel Drum

Patented Blade Clip Technology

The blade clip has been engineered to provide independent blade deployment. As each blade of the Hunga Munga is snapped into the closed position the blade clip is stretched from the center out, securely holding each blade. Upon impact, the meat scoop fills with hair, hide, and tissue to deploy the blades, achieving deadly results.

Anti Noise & Vibration Technology

The Blade Clip reduces noise caused from vibration and allows for minimal blade exposure during flight. This greatly reduces the wind planing effect, ensuring better accuracy at a distance and a comparable field point shot, ensuring you a quiet, reliable, and repeatable shot every time.

The Hunga Munga

The Hunga Munga is a strong step forward in mechanical broadhead design. Our new in-line blade clip technology with independent release (patent #8801552) ensures the archer a quiet, reliable and repeatable shot every time. Currently offering 100/125 grain model with a 1 7/16 cut diameter no O-ring required. Made in USA.